Adrienne Koleszar: Arresting Fitness Model

Adrienne Koleszar -

Adrienne Koleszar has been drawing some attention in recent months for some very sexy reasons.  We decided she would be the perfect Instagram model to feature since it is both #FitnessFriday and National Police Week.  Adrienne Koleszar is a 31 year old police officer from Germany.  She also happens to have an insanely fit body that is garnering all sorts of attention.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be arrested by this gorgeous blonde?!?!  Fortunately her bosses don’t mind her having all of this attention and we can enjoy all that Adrienne has to share with the world.

She recently posted on her Facebook account that she loves her job. “Surely it is often hard work. Sometimes I have to handle things, which nobody would like to see. I am only a human and I’m not perfect. But in the end I am very happy with my life,” She said in a post last month.  We have a lot of respect for her and her job.  It can’t be easy.

She works out five days a week after her shift.  She also competes in various fitness and bikini competitions as well.  Adrienne, who says her toned figure was 30 per cent sport and 70 per cent healthy eating, said: ‘It helps me work on my backside. Every woman wants to have a nice backside.’  We love a nice backside, Adrienne!  You should check out her YouTube Channel for her backside in action.

Adrienne is still adjusting to her new-found internet fame, but she added that it was not her style to be photographed naked and she is encouraging women to be fit and healthy.  Adrienne, who is in a relationship with a 28-year-old professional swimmer and athlete, said: ‘I am mainly aiming my photographs at women, not men.’  Regardless of who she is aiming her photographs at, we certainly approve of all that this police officer has to offer her new fans.

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