Alexandra Steele Deserves Instagram Love

Alexandra Steele, our current Cam Girl of the Year, keeps getting the boot from Instagram.  She is simply just too damned hot!  We already know that Alex is hot enough to be among the elite babes of  It’s almost flattering to know that she is hot enough to have the attention of the Instagram Gods.  Go check out Alexandra’s new Instagram account.  It’s the real her.  She needs the love.  Even better, share her Instagram with other people as well and tag her.  You will be doing the virtual world a favor.

Don’t forget to check out our recent interview with Alex in regards to her recent win as Cam Girl of the Year.  She gives you an exclusive look into her who she is in addition to some pretty sexy photos.  There is a reason she is so loved.  While she is quite the stunner, she is also a girl worth getting to know.  Her amazing personality carries over to her webcam shows and with her interaction in our free forums as well.  Alexandra, I hope we see something next week from you celebrating May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day!).

Alexandra Steele Instagram Video



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