Ana Cheri: May the 4th Be With You

Ana Cheri - Star Wars Photos and Video

Ana Cheri has been rocking several social media platforms with her gorgeous body and exotic look.  This Southern California model is a mix of Native American, Mexican, and Caucasian.  Since achieving Internet fame as a popular fitness model, Ana has gone on to pose of Playboy and open her own gym.  Growing up in a family of all boys, Ana admits she was a quite the tomboy.  Eventually she had to learn to balance doing make-up with playing football with her brothers and their friends.  Ana’s fierce personality has come in handy for the numerous photo shoots she has done over the years for various companies and charities.

Ana Cheri Star Wars Video

As a model, health and fitness has been a large part of her daily life.  With the launch of her new gym, her recent debut in Muscle and Fitness magazine, several NPC bikini titles and Ana Cheri has been taking over the fitness industry.  She most enjoys giving motivational speaker sharing body positivity and empowering others no matter what their level of fitness may be.  Ana still enjoys football, both playing it and watching it.  And she works out almost daily to maintain her incredible body.

Since May the 4th is upon us, we figured there was no one better to help us celebrate our love of Star Wars.  Ana sure knows how to get the attention of the darkside with these sexy photos.  Whether you are a Jedi or Storm Trooper or even Yoda, we are sure you will approve of all that Ana Cheri has to offer both good and evil.  If you need to see even more of Ana’s naughty bits, be sure to check out her exclusive Playboy Content.

Ana Cheri Photos From the Darkside

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