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Angelina Stevens

Some time ago, we featured Part 1 of our interview with Angelina Stevens.  Angelina gave us some in-depth perspective on her world.  She went on hiatus for some time taking care of some personal matters and health issues but is now making her CWH comeback this month! She’s in her new place, where I’m told, her cam set up is on point so she should be online more often starting this month (knock on wood). Her CamWithHer Plus Show is scheduled rescheduled for Wednesday, January 9th at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST Thursday, January 15th at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch her epic return! If you’re not a Plus Member, you may buy a ticket for 5 credits. In honor of her return, we offer you Part 2 of the interview…

Angelina continues to capture the attention of many fans from around the Web.  Her look is edgy with a great deal of sexy thrown into the mix.  And she knows how to make this work for her.  She is quite the tease.  This includes some very recent photo updates featuring Angelina from our CamWithHer Plus member’s area.  Be sure to check out more of Angelina Stevens on her Fan Club.

Angelina Stevens Interview and Photos

Angelina Stevens Angelina Stevens Angelina Stevens

Where should a guy take you on a first date?

Casual food and star gazing.

Ever had a one-night-stand?  Was it good or bad?

Haven’t we all? I mean. Yes..No. Um, I don’t remember…

Mac or PC?


Do you consider yourself a nerd? Why or Why not?

Depends on your definition of nerd. Relative to true nerdtastic geeks out there probably far from one but relative to the industry I’m I do think I am a bit of a nerd because of what I do in my free time. Politics, Science  & Astronomy. I love to learn and am always on a mission to find new ways of learning. My favorite place for free learning… it’s called Google. Check it out. 🙂

Dine In or Dine Out?

Dine Out. Love being ‘served’. I’m a great tipper too.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

I don’t drink that often, hurts my little tummy and I get bad hangovers. BUT on a football day, I’m all about the DosXX. It’s true tequila does make your clothes come off!

Do you enjoy sports?  Who are your favorite teams?

Football. I <3 the Saints.

What are your goals for your modeling career?

To have fun and put a product out there that satisfies the naughty masses 🙂

Where is your favorite place to travel? Where do you want to travel to that you haven’t been to before?

Anywhere. Everywhere. For how much I love culture and to be cultured, I’ve hardly experienced any of it. I hope to leave the states one day and definitely would love to visit the Mediterranean. Or somewhere where the sunsets are magical and the views are breathtaking.

Do you have any reality TV addictions?

I hate to admit but, I am sadly a Kardashian addict because for some reason it always makes me feel better about myself lol. I love Botched on E! It’s pretty disgusting.

If you could shop in only one store, what store would it be?

Is this question for a girl, really?  How about Amazon? An online retail store. That’s more like it.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d love to have dinner with former President Obama. I’d love to pick the brain of someone who ran our country & learn the day to day decision making and type of person it takes to take on such an extraordinary task.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Middle of the night binge eating. Like boxes of cereal at a time. It’s pretty terrifying actually. I’m amazed at what my body can metabolize sometimes.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words or less, what would they be?

Quirky, Curious, Naughty

What makes a woman sexy?

Confidence, slow sensual seductiveness, curves in all the right places, feminine with manly sexual prowess!

Angelina Stevens Angelina Stevens

What makes a man sexy?

Confidence, Humor, Intelligence… V-lines pointing to your Mandingo,  please.

Do boys smell?


What turns Angelina Stevens on?

Love to be dominated. Don’t get me wrong, I can dom too 😉

What are your turn offs?

Please smell like roses…thank you.

What’s the worst pick-up line you have heard?

‘My Dad owns [insert big business here] ‘My Hummer is outback’ .. ‘I have five houses’…’I’m a club owner/door guy/promoter’. Money &  materialistic things do nothing for me. I need more than that to hold my attention.

Which Celebrity Do You Admire?

Bill Gates. He’s the most charitable man in the world. He’s also the wealthiest so he better be the most charitable. I admire him because I could only wish to have the opportunity to help so many people so easily.

Which Celebrity Would You Like to See Taken Far Away by a Pack of Flying Monkeys to Never Be Seen Or Heard From Again?

Donald Trump. You and your hair will not be missed. In fact, he may fit in more with an alien race than he does here.

If you were stranded in a remote place for several days, what three things would you want to have with you?

The essentials: sustenance, my dog, a man

What’s the nicest thing a boyfriend/girlfriend has ever done for you?

I’m not one for surprises or romance, never been into it. I usually pass on flowers and if things get too cheesy I run the other direction. But the times I have been surprised or treated in that way I secretly do like it. Once I was surprised the night of my bday with a trip to Las Vegas – all accommodations and everything was paid for, even asked my boss if I could have work off for a few days. Even had a massage waiting for me at the hotel we stayed at. That took some effort and thought. Yes, he got some sexin’ that night

Angelina Stevens Angelina Stevens Angelina Stevens

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MOST IMPORTANTLY – What message do you, Angelina Stevens, have for your fans?

Thank you for giving me the confidence to do what I do – many guys here I don’t know the impact yall have on our girl egos. I really am flattered and just amazed at the niceness and the number of sweet gentlemen there are out there, even in naughtyland. You really make my time here awesome, fun and because you want to stay being a camgirl as long as possible. Thank you for enjoying yourselves as much as I do with you. Really, it’s made my life- yes my LIFE, awesome!

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