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Anllela Sagra is a 22 year old fitness model and nutrition athlete from Colombia.  Four years ago Anllela was a fashion student who modeled from time to time.  She was very thin at the time.  However, she soon met a personal trainer at her gym who changed her life forever.  Over time, she learned more about her own body and fitness.  She was getting fewer modeling jobs as she became more muscular and people told her she had too much muscle.

A year and a half after Anllela started training, she entered her first competition.  She placed 3rd place and became even more motivated by her first win.  Anllela had to choose between her modeling career or a career as a fitness model at this point.  She opted to pursue a career as a fitness model and competitor.  She has found nothing short of success in her new career.

Within a year, Anllela amassed over a million Instagram fans.  Today, she currently has over 5.6 million fans and still growing strong!  She also has thousands of subscribers to her YouTube Channel and over half a million fans on her Official Facebook Page.  Nowadays, this gorgeous Latina enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals and and be found at

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