Anna Nystrom is the Yoga Pants Queen

Anna Nystrom Photos and Videos

Anna Nystrom is a 24 year old fitness model from Stockholm, Sweden.  She initially gained popularity on the Internet when she ran her personal blog about fashion and fitness.  However, her photos quickly made rounds on the Web when the popularity of yoga pants surged.  Most times, Anna was wearing yoga pants or yoga shorts in her self shot photos.  With her amazing body and love of fitness, it is easy to understand why the web loves her so much.

Her personal blog has since been deleted.  Nowadays you can find Anna Nystrom on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  She has millions of fans who follow her from all over the world.  With the recent addition of her new YouTube Channel, things will only get better.  The only thing better than Anna in photos is Anna on video.

Anna Nystrom Photos



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