Bikini Babe Abby Dowse from Australia

Abby Dowse - Australian Bikini Model

Abby Dowse has the cutest freckles.   Australia certainly knows how to grow some of the sexiest bikini models.  Abby is no exception.  Did I mention she has freckles?  She is a million times more adorable because of these freckles.  She has made some obvious adjustments to her body via cosmetic surgeries, but we really don’t care.  She’s a stunner for sure and that bikini body is certainly from some real effort.  She must work out often and maintain a pretty strict diet.  Props for that!

Abby is a 28-year-old blonde bombshell.  She is a cosmetic surgery and beauty consultant.  Her Instagram feed is nothing short of breathtaking.  Abby says she is a “lover of the ocean” and a “lingerie addict”.  That explains all of the hot bikini and lingerie shots she shares.  But despite her awesome rack and killer body, it really is those freckles that get our hearts racing.  There’s a certain innocence that comes to mind when you see a cute girl with freckles.  The fact that she goes easy on the makeup just enhance those freckles even more.  Love a girl who can keep the makeup to a minimum and carry of a natural look.  Those green eyes of hers deserve to be shown off.

Abby Dowse Photos



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