Bikini Model Rosanna Córdoba

Rosanna Córdoba Bikini Model -

Colombian model Rosanna Córdoba is one of the hottest bikini models today.  She is one of the hottest models currently on Instagram.  More than once this exotic beauty has found herself a victim of Instagram’s delete hammer.  Her photos are sexy and Instagram seems to take issue with some of them.  We rather enjoy her naughtiness!

Rosanna has been building up her social media presence a great deal in the last year.  She has expanded from her Instagram account onto Facebook, YouTube and more.  She maintains her website at with a portfolio of her photos and blog posts from her travels.  We also found her giving fitness and photo shoot tips within her blog.  She loves to give back to her fans, other models and even to children who are living in poverty.  This girl has a heart in addition to her many other wonderful qualities.

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