And Cam Girl of the Year Is …

Cam Girl of the Year voting has ended.  We had the popular vote (NOT Trump style!) and we had the admin vote.  Put together, one of our lovely CamWithHer models can now call herself the 2016 Cam Girl of the Year.  Since our last post about the top models in the voting, we saw a big shift in the voting.  Girls really stepped up their game and it changed everything.  It just goes to show that a little effort can go a long way with these ladies.  We are seeing ladies gaining popularity who once weren’t as well-known.  And we also see the girls who have consistently worked hard year after year at CamWithHer.  Our only regret is that we can only choose one winner, but all of these ladies deserve recognition.

The models had to work hard via social media and other resources in order to get users to vote for them on their individual webcam model profiles.  In addition to the popular vote, the admin team at CamWithHer also voted as well.  Taking into consideration a model participation, earnings, and activity, the admin vote sealed the deal.  Now we can announce the winner of our 2016 CamGirl of the Year contest.

10.  Mileena Kiani

Cam Girl of the Year - Mileena Kiani


09.  Angel Jones

Cam Girl of the Year - Angel Jones


08.  Layla Lynn

Cam Girl of the Year - Layla Lynn


07.  Natasha Adams

Cam Girl of the Year - Natasha Adams


06.  Adrianna Katenveau

Cam Girl of the Year - Adrianna Katenveau


05.  Kendall Morgan

Cam Girl of the Year - Kendall Morgan


04.  Katherine Knowles

Cam Girl of the Year - Katherine Knowles


03.  Barbara Belize

Cam Girl of the Year - Barbara Belize


02.  Monique Desire

Cam Girl of the Year - Monique Desire


CGOTY WINNER:  Alexandra Steele

Cam Girl of the Year - Alexandra Steele

That’s right.  Alexandra Steele is your new Cam Girl of the Year for 2016!  She’s so bad that she’s just that good.  Congrats to Alexandra and the rest of the girls who made the Top 10!  It took a great deal of hard work and effort to get there and you deserve the recognition.




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