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Content Theft CamWithHer

What is content theft? “We consider it anything posted from our site by a non-affiliate without our permission,” Steve, CamWithHer Owner, told us.  Content theft has become a growing problem for CamWithHer.  It affects our webcam models, our customers, and the entire CamWithHer Community.  It has always been a problem for every webcam site, however, it has become increasingly problematic in the last several months.

As a result of a number of copyright violations, CamWithHer has had to become more proactive in its fight against the individuals and websites violating copyright.  Steve goes on to tell us, “We’ve always been one of the most vigilant sites at removing the content of our models, but lately we’ve had to start flexing our legal muscles so to speak by going after individual users for content removal. We take the safety of our models very seriously. Not only is content trading affecting the models financially, but lately I’ve witnessed their personal lives being dramatically affected by this as well and we need to put an end to it. We are ramping up our fight against model content piracy and that will be reflected soon on the site as we add more anti-piracy features.

Adrianna Katenveau told us, “All I can say is that I have been working for 7 years on CamWithHer and shared my life, my problems, my heartbreaks, laughed and cried with people, consider them family or friends and I am profoundly disappointed to hear that my trust has been broken to this level.  I’m furious but also saddened.  People don’t understand this is a job, we love, we laugh, we live and we enjoy each others company.

Content TheftBeing a webcam model is much more than most people realize.  A great deal of thought, time, and money goes into being a webcam model.  Just as you would not want someone to steal from you or your job, the CamWithHer Models do not want to have their product(s) stolen.  Stolen content is a loss of income and potentially can lead to privacy issues as well.  Our models are students or mothers, and often hold other mainstream occupations.  Just as you would not jeopardize the privacy of your mother, sister, daughter or any other woman in your life, CamWithHer expects it’s clients to do the same for their models.

I am deeply disappointed by those who have recorded shows and those who have stolen my content or have shared my content on other websites. I’m disappointed because I thought I had a strong connection with all my fans and I thought that all that content would remain private. I am on this site because I want to have a personal interaction 1 to 1 with my fans and I don’t want to share my content anywhere else.  My Fanclub and my webcam shows are only for personal pleasure and not to be shared outside of CamWithHer,Monique Desire says.  “On the other side, I want to say a big THANK YOU to those REAL FANS who totally respect our work and our privacy.

Copyright violations do not just harm the model(s), but it also harms our customers.  In some instances, models have increased pricing, produced less content, spent less time online and taken other measures to reduce the risk of content theft or violations of privacy.  Legitimate customers and fans are caught in the middle of this fight between webcam models and content thieves.  It is unfair to both the models and the fans. is certainly one of the most aggressive websites when it comes to protecting its models and customers.  We have a team dedicated to getting stolen content removed, tracking down the violators, and taking legal action against both the content thieves and the websites that give them a means to share that content.  The level of protection we offer is much stronger than on most other webcam sites.  We take immediate action once an instance of copyright theft is reported to us.  Whether it is someone impersonating our models or unauthorized individuals sharing our content or websites attempting to profit from our content, we are not ones to stand by and let it happen.  We realize our girls are some of the most beautiful in the industry and most people cannot get enough of them.  However, CamWithHer provides numerous ways (both paid and free) to get more of our models.

Please report content theft and people impersonating our models to SNR Support.





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