Gisele and Violet Doll Throwback

Gisele and Violet Doll together is among our favorite old skool memories.  Gisele is now retired from the adult business.  You can still find a great deal of her old school content both on CamWithHer Plus and over at Sweet Ass Angels.  These two models often found some sort of mischief when together.  Whether it was photo shoots, webcam shows, or attending conventions, Violet and Gisele often found some sort of trouble to get into.  They are older now and have moved into different aspects of their careers. Perhaps we would say they’re bordering on the MILF niche these days.

We have been releasing some previously never-released content at  You’ll find some images and videos that weren’t available before.  Violet and Gisele left behind some very naughty antics.

Gisele and Violet Doll School Girls

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