Hottest Celebrity MILFs for Mother’s Day

There is no shortage of celebrity MILFs (Mom I’d Like to F*ck).  Some of Hollywood’s hottest are also mothers.  With Mother’s Day weekend kicking off, we decided to pick a few of our favorite celebrity moms.  While there are literally dozens upon dozens of celebrity mothers out there, these are just a handful of our favorite MILFs.  These ladies are leading by example when it comes to motherhood.  With their busy schedules and constant media scrutiny, it can be difficult to balance being a mom with being a celebrity.  You have to hand it to these women!  And don’t forget to thank your own moms on this Mother’s Day!

Sofia Vergara

Celebrity MILFs - Sofia Vergara


Mila Kunis

Celebrity MILFs - Mila Kunis


Christina Aguilera

Celebrity MILFs - Christina Aguilera


Adriana Lima

Celebrity MILFs - Adriana Lima


Salma Hayek

Celebrity MILFs - Salma Hayek


Christie Brinkley

Celebrity MILFs - Christie Brinkley


Kim Kardashian 

Celebrity MILFs - Kim Kardashian


Gwen Stefani

Celebrity MILFs - Gwen Stefani


Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity MILFs - Jennifer Lopez



Celebrity MILFs - Beyonce



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