The Hottest Gamer Girls You Should Be Following

Hot Gamer Girls

There are several websites that allow gamer girls to stream live.  Girl gamers have become a niche of their own and have amassed millions of followers on their gamer accounts and social media.  Female gamers were once a rarity.  However, today they are more popular than ever and earning the respect of veteran gamers.  These girls have come from all walks of life and have found themselves making some pretty decent money.  We have even found a few former adult stars among the most popular gamers.  Some of these girls have endorsements from gaming related companies.  Some websites allow girls to accept monetary tips during their live streams.  We think these hot gamers are worth checking out.


CinCinBear on Twitch

Gamer Girls - CinCinBear

CinCinBear has almost 8 million subscribers on Twitch alone.  She is a big fan of OverWatch and IRL.  She also happens to enjoy cosplay.  Check out more of her on her Twitch Channel or on her Instagram Account.


Raychul Moore

Gamer Girls - Raychul Moore

Raychul Moore has a bad ass (mostly) gaming channel on YouTube.  She also is an avid cosplayer as well.  We are told she is one of the biggest Star Wars fans alive in addition to her video gaming addiction.  You can see more of Raychul on her Website and her Twitch Channel.


Melonie Mac

Gamer Girls - Melonie Mac

Melonie Mac calls herself a “grown up professional child”.  She has a her live streams on her Twitch Channel and also creates some killer videos for her YouTube Channel.  Most impressive and most active, however, is her popular Official Facebook Page.


Ally 2MGoverCsquared

Gamer Girls - Ally 2MGoverCsquared

2MGoverCsquared (aka Ally) probably has the most unique name among our gamer hotties.  She probably explains it best herself: “R=2(MassxGravityConstant)/c2 This is known as The Schwarzschild radius. This equation is used to calculate the Radius of a Non-Rotating Super Massive Black Hole. I took the equation and made it an expression.”  She counts BattleGrouns, Counter-Strike and Just Dance among her most popular streams on her Twitch Channel.   She has a popular Instagram Account too.



Gamer Girls - cchristiee


Cchristiee is the definition of CRAZY hot.  This girl has been gaming since she was a child.  With her Brazilian-American background, you may expect more ‘sexy’ from her.  However, she is a silly girl and knows how to keep things lively on her Twitch Channel where she is often found playing League of Legends or Counter-Strike.  She is certainly the most entertaining of gamer girls.



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