Instagram’s Hottest Cheerleaders

Hottest Cheerleaders

As we were preparing for the NFL season, we couldn’t help but to think of the hottest cheerleaders as well.  It is almost that time of year when those sexy outfits are ready to come out and entertain us.  We scoured Instagram at first to hunt down some of the NFL cheerleaders.  However, we found ourselves a bit distracted by other cheerleaders as well.  We finally put together a small list of a few of our favorites (in no particular order) who have some hot Instagram accounts you should follow.

Hottest Cheerleaders Worth Following

Chloe Pineiro (Miami Heat)

Chloe Pineiro cheerleader

In the NBA, cheerleaders are actually known as dancers, but they certainly get the crowd going, and lead the cheers for their teams. The brunette bombshell that is Chloe Pineiro certainly getting the crowds amped up. She’s acquired quite a fan following too, and it’s little wonder if you’ve watched her strut her stuff on the court, or if you follow her steamy Instagram page.


Allison Renn (Carolina Panthers)

Allison Renn Cheerleader

Words can’t describe how beautiful Allison Renn looks as she’s doing her thing. Football really does know how to get people hooked – other sports should take a page out of the NFL’s book! When she’s not cheerleading, she’s modeling, and her gigs often involve posing for extremely raunchy pics. She and the photographers know what works, know what her fans want, and thankfully she poses for such pics and posts the results all the time. Her Instagram profile is one of the hottest profiles out there, because people just can’t get enough of Allison, her amazing physique or her bountiful assets. She’s hot from head to toe, and the NFL’s lucky to have her.


Erin McGoldrick (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Erin McGoldrick cheerleader

Erin McGoldrick is a Tampa Bay Lightning Girl and fitness model. Erin’s been into fitness from a young age. She went pretty far as a gymnast and then made her focus competing in bikini competitions. Stepping on stage and showcasing her hot body to many adoring fans, gave Erin newfound confidence. She decided to step out of her comfort zone and became a Tampa Bay Lightning Girl. Erin’s still a fitness babe and is a cheerleader too, so there are plenty of situations where she gets hot and steamy, and luckily for her fans, she showcases these moments in the form of Instagram pics.


Teressa Cee (Miami Heat)

Teressa Cee Cheerleader

Teressa’s notable for her looks and her dancing ability, but it’s those assets that stick out to the fans ogling her in the stands. As fans, your eyes are instantly drawn to them, not that Teressa really minds. She plays to it, knows why people watch her and so she gives them what she wants, not just on the court, but on her Instagram too. Her many followers on Instagram follow her for that reason, to get a load of Teressa in all her glory, and she’s happy to oblige.


Allison C. DeJesus (New England Patriots)

Allison C. DeJesus cheerleader

Allison C. DeJesus is an NFL cheerleader, and one of the hottest ones at that. She’s a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, and she’s certainly someone that’ll get the crowd amped up and get the players motivated. She oozes hotness and is one of the fittest cheerleaders around. What is it with cheerleading beauties and six packs? Allison’s another cheerleading beauty with a chiseled set of abs, and a drop dead gorgeous physique all-around. If you want some fitness motivation, or just want to ogle one of the hottest cheerleaders in the business, you’re going to find her Instagram profile awfully titillating.


Peyton Mabry (Texas Christian University)

Peyton Mabry cheerleader

Feast your eyes on Peyton Mabry’s Instagram pics and it’ll instantly become apparent why she’s got close to half a million followers. Every single pic she takes looks like it was snapped by a professional photographer. Peyton began cheerleading in high school and continued through college. But then, last year, she had major surgery to correct her scoliosis and has since been on the mend. Peyton’s also become a bit of a style guru, and her blog, on which she shares her journey, the road to recovery, beauty, style and workout tips, has really taken off. That’s secured her spot with fans, and it’s made her one of the most popular IPL cheerleaders, one with one of the hottest Instagram profiles.


Rachael Leigh (Cincinnati Bengals)

Rachael Leigh cheerleader

Rachael Leigh was an NFL cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. She’s recently stepped away from the sport to concentrate on a career in wealth management. But Rachael will always be known as a cheerleader in the eyes of Cincinnati Bengals fans. Look at the sultry pics she posts on Instagram, and you’d think that she still was a cheerleader, like she’s in pre-season training or something. It’s evident that she still misses cheerleading, as she keeps posting pics of her time on the cheerleading circuit.  She’s still got the sultry physique, her looks haven’t diminished in any way, and most importantly, the fans would love to see her do so.


Jamie Andries (Oklahoma Sooners)

Jamie Andries Cheerleader

Jamie Andries is one super cute, super sexy cheerleader. She’s an OU cheerleader, and people have gotten used to seeing plenty of her in recent years. Jamie’s just gorgeous, and takes delight in showcasing her beauty, wowing her hundreds of thousands of fans with her stunning pics, which she posts regularly on Instagram.  She’s not just beautiful, she’s got an awesome body too. She’s a bit of a fitness freak, and has a set of eight pack abs that would make any pro bodybuilder incredibly envious. Her body’s all toned, ripped to shreds, rippling with muscle, but she’s still been able to maintain some level of femininity.


Justene Alpert (Los Angeles Rams)

Justene Alpert cheerleader

It’s pre-season time in the NFL and from the looks of things, Justene’s preparation is going swimmingly. She’s a cheerleader for the NFL, specifically for the LA Rams, and her prep looks to be just as rigorous as the actual players, although hers is a whole lot more glamorous.  Justene isn’t just an NFL cheerleader. She is also a bit of an actress as she has starred in quite a lot of movies and TV shows when her rigorous cheerleading training isn’t keeping her busy. Justene’s someone who wants to get to the top, and she knows that having an awesome Instagram profile is just one of the ways she can get herself out there and get a fan following which could contribute to her reaching those heights.


Jessica Bianco (Seattle Seahawks)

Jessica Bianca cheerleader

The Seattle Seahawks of the NFL certainly know how to keep their fans entertained, if not on the field of play, then on the sidelines. Their cheerleaders, collectively known as the Sea Gals, are probably just as popular as the football players. They have one of the hottest cheerleading outfits in the NFL, and someone who’s probably their most popular Sea Gal is Jessica Bianca. The brunette bombshell hasn’t been with the Seahawks all that long, but with the start of the new season fast approaching, you can bet her fan following’s going to go through the roof, especially if she continues to update her social media profiles with sizzling pics and steamy selfies. Her beauty, that body, and that smile – oh that smile– drive people crazy.



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