Check Out Israeli Booty Babe, Avital Cohen

Avital Cohen Israeli Fitness Model

Avital Cohen has one of the best butts on Instagram.  She is a 22-year-old fitness trainer from Israel who has captured the attention of at least 777k users on Instagram.  Avital was born and raised in Israel to a Jewish family.  She focuses a great deal of her time on health and fitness and it shows!  She not only has an epic ass, but has killer abs and a contagious smile as well.  This fitness babe says she trains an average of 6 days a week in the gym.

Avital says the first thing she notices on a man is his eyes.  She is most attracted to guys who are genuine and have a good sense of humor.  She’s definitely single and looking.  However, we are pretty sure she won’t be looking for long.  On your first date with Avital, she would love for you to take her to the beach.  It’s her favorite place to hang out.

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