Jessa Hinton, Playboy Playmate to Instagram Star

Jessa Hinton

Back when Jessa Hinton appeared in Playboy and was a Playboy Playmate, she was a blonde bombshell.  However, she has emerged as a stunning redhead these days.  We think the change is certainly a great one.  Jessa was the Playboy Playmate in July 2011.  She also had small roles in television shows such as Baywatch and 7th Heaven in her younger years but didn’t get into modeling until she was 18 years old.

Jessa was born Jessica Lynn Hinton, but hated her name.  She changed her name to “Jessa” as a result.  She was very much a tomboy growing up and refused to wear dresses until she was around age 9.  She is the oldest of five siblings.  Jessa was very active in gymnastics, dancing, and cheerleading before she decided drama club was more her thing.  From there she turned her attention towards acting.   After the success she achieved with Playboy, she began to move towards television hosting work.  She was hired to host and interview for Victory Poker and Top Rank Boxing. During her time on Top Rank Boxing, she famously interviewed Manny Pacquiao that brought her to national attention.


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