Jessie Fuleky is OSU’s Hottest COED

Jessica Fuleky OSU

Jessie Fuleky is quite the smoke show from Ohio State University. certainly knows how to put OSU girls into the spotlight.  Remember that infamous OSU Video featuring Dana?  Well, now we have spotted Jessie and we have a crush on her.  Ohio State University certainly knows how to pick ’em!


Jessie (aka Jessica Fuleky) has an unforgettable smile and a bubbly personality.  She certainly has made college social life a priority with her sorority sisters.  Whether you are following her on her Instagram or on her Snapchat, you can’t help but feel embedded into her active college lifestyle.   She represents Delta Gamma well with her killer body.  Spending some time in that sorority house would surely be a wet dream come true.

Jessie Fuleky Photos



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