Julia Kelly Goes from Social Media to Television


Meet Julia Kelly.  Chances are that you may have heard of her already.  Julia’s Instagram Account already boasts well over 2 million followers.  She has appeared on a season of Guy Code on MTV, a tv series called “In the Vault“, made appearances on Entertainment Tonight and other television shows.

When asked about her background she says, “I have an extensive multi-ethnic background with French, Irish, Black, American Indian, and Korean roots. Growing up, my family and I moved around lot – from my birthplace of Portland, Oregon, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and then finally to LA 6 years ago. With each move, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience several different cultures.”  As you can see from Julia’s photos, that mix comes together nicely.

“Social media has been a huge part of my life thus far. It all started with a collaboration on Vine less than 4 years ago. My years of acting training paid off, because after that first Vine, I knew that my life was on a new course. The digital platforms are the perfect way to express my feelings to the world. As I continue to grow, it has allowed me to express art in any form and reach new audiences. Looking back, I still can’t believe Vine is where it all began.” she says.

Julia Kelly Photos




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