Katherine Knowles and Jessy Jo Get Together

Katherine Knowles and Jessy Jo

Katherine Knowles and Jessy Jo are about to heat things up in time for summer.  As we mentioned in our post about our member chats this month, these two hotties will be part of that.  However, Katherine and Jessy are going to crank it up a notch by offering exclusive content in their fan club.  They are also spoiling their Snapchat Fans with some naughty stories.  And they are offering some time alone with them on their webcam while they’re together.  With so many ways to enjoy these two busty babes, you are certain to experience a bit of a hotness overload.

MEMBER CHAT:  Thursday, June 15 @ 7pm PST / 10pm EST

WEBCAM SHOWS:  June 15 – June 24th 

Jessy spoke to us and gave us some inside information on what we can expect while these two are together.

OMG, I’m finally meeting Katherine again !! We’ve been planning this for a very long time, and each time we set the date, something came up at the last minute and we had to cancel. But now, we finally managed to set a firm date and we are ready to wow you guys. I’m ready to show you how much I’ve missed her! 

Most of the Camwithher members know both, Katherine and me, they know we are both crazy, funny and outgoing….and a bit perverse minded, we might as well admit it. And when we get together, it’s a guaranteed recipe not only for laughs and giggles but also for naughty cam parties.

We will also be doing live shows for a few days. Steamy hot shows, we are not really shy and we love to explore each other’s bodies 😛  We have tons of outfits and ideas, plans, not only for sexy cam shows but also for a ton of content for our fan club.

Premium Snapchat is a new feature that Camwithher offers, and we decided to take the thrill to another level and share with you, our sexy, secret and seductive snaps. Make sure to subscribe to our Premium Snapchat, limited time offer, don’t miss it !!

Katherine adds:

I can’t even begin to explain the excitement of getting back on cam with Jessy! We’ve waited too long, way too long, but we promise you guys, the wait is going to be so worth it. We’re known for our sexy, naughty shows and we’re eager to show you guys all the things 2 hot girls can do for you, take really good care of you and of your desires and turn each and one of your fantasies into reality. We’ll have lots of outfits ready for you and lots of role plays planned. As usual, we’re all into pleasing you. Or each other …

We’re not sure if we’ll be back on cam any time soon after this June, because of our different schedules, so be sure not to miss us this time. And don’t forget, if your schedule doesn’t match yours, you can always keep an eye on our Fan Club; it’s going to be updated with lots of new, hot contents.

That being said, we’re looking forward to seeing you guys!

Katherine Knowles and Jessy Jo Together




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