KneeColeSlaw aka Coley Throwin’ Some Old Skool

Coley.  Nicole.  KneeColeSlaw.  No matter what name you knew Nicole as, she is certainly one of our most memorable old skool webcam models.  She was known for her giant cans, her l33t gaming skills, and insane sense of humor.  While we worshipped her body, we also loved having her around making us laugh on our cam girl forums, during her member chats, and even on our old skool adventures to MySpace, various radio stations, and cam girl get togethers.  Fortunately, all of these goofy antics and sexy naughtiness that Coley brought us are well-documented inside of our CamWithHer Plus member’s area.  We have hours of goodness with her member chat archives.  We have hundreds of photos.  And yes, we also have those very exclusive sexy videos that made her even more infamous in our CamWithHer youth.

Coley was often participating in adventures with several other of our webcam models such as Victoria Raye, Femme Eden, Gisele, Jacey Marie (Mia), and others.  The ladies ruled the web cam world and Nicole was often in the midst of all of the shenanigans.  Her adorable Southern accent often made her quirky jabs even more funny than originally intended.  And let’s not forget that hot wax incident in the shower during one of her live member chats.  Yes, that is in the CamWithHer Plus area too!  There were just so many fun moments coupled with some very enticing moments that left you reaching for a towel and a glass of ice water.  KneeColeSlaw knew how to work all of the angles with her fans.

KneeColeSlaw’s Sexy Photos

So we gotta ask … what is your favorite Nicole memory from her CamWithHer days??? Tell us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.



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