Lauren Young is No Gun Bunny

Lauren Young Real Life Lara Croft

Both FHM and Maxim Magazine have referred to Lauren Young as a real-life Lara Croft.  She isn’t what’s become known as a “gun bunny.” Far from it.  She’s the real McCoy and we believe she deserves your attention.  She’s a veteran who served in Afghanistan and has tested dozens of firearms. She loves guns, our country and those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Yes, she has a huge Instagram following (150,000 and counting).

Lauren leads a very healthy lifestyle.  She loves to put Metallica on blast during most of her workouts.  However, she also admits she has guilty pleasures such as pizza, Sour Patch Kids, and lots of Jameson.  She does a little modeling here and there, but her true passion has been her love of guns and her military career.  When asked how he time in the Army helped shape who she is today, she told Ballistic Magazine, “I went hard-charging into the military because I believed I could do it, because I wanted to do it so badly. To be part of that “something bigger” you always read or heard about it, and it certainly didn’t disappoint in that aspect. I believe the military nurtured good parts of me, but it also took parts away that I am trying to get back. The biggest influence comes in terms of the people I have surrounded myself with; most of my friends and my boyfriend are all military! The people you choose to keep in your life are the ones who really shape you, so obviously the Army played a significant role.”

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