Maddy Bextra Pushes Instagram’s Rules

Maddy Bextra Nude Snapchat

I am fairly certain you have seen Maddy Bextra (aka Maddy Belle) on Instagram.  She’s the busty babe who you often see with the underboob.  Maddy loves to push the limits of both Instagram and Snapchat.  She’s already been spanked by Instagram.  So for that reason, Maddy maintains a backup Instagram account you should follow in addition to her main account.  Fortunately for her fans, Maddy loves to get extra naughty and fully nude on her private Snapchat account.

Maddy is a 24-year-old bikini model turned social media star.  As we mentioned above, you can find her on Instagram and Snapchat.  She is also accessible to her fans on Twitter and has some pretty cool YouTube Videos as well.  She loves to flaunt her 32DD boobies in many ways, including lotsa underboob photos.  Her rise to fame began with her first video which she posted in September 2015 on Instagram. Maddy also thrills her fans with enticing photo shoots of her modeling gigs and very steamy photos as well.

Her busty hotness resides in San Diego, which would explain her friendship with other popular Instagram models.  You have probably seen Maddy hanging out with Julianne Klaren, Allison Parker, and other Instagram babes.  More often than not, you’ll see her hanging out with the BaeSnaps crew.  She often shoots with Mike FX, one of our favorite photographers.

Maddy Bextra Photos


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