Maria Martelo Perez is Mavrin’s Newest Addition

Maria Martelo Perez - Mavrin

Bow down to Maria Martelo Perez.  Mavrin Studios is most well-known for their collection of stunning Russian beauties.  However, in the last couple of months they have been teasing us with Maria.  Maria is a Colombian beauty that Alexander Mavrin has been highlighting in his recent posts.  Her perfectly sculpted body and exotic features make her one of the hottest new bikini models we have seen in awhile.  The fact that she has been shooting with Viki Odintkova makes everything Maria has been doing that much hotter.

You will want to keep a close eye on Maria’s Instagram Account.  Keep up with her trips around the world and sexy content with some of the other Mavrin models.  The few photos and videos produced thus far are unforgettable.  As Maria eases into the high-end and sexy lifestyle that Mavrin is known for, I am sure we will continue to see her shine and potentially become one of Mavrin’s most popular models.  We are looking forward to seeing some more bikini and lingerie content from her and the rest of the Mavrin family.

Maria Martelo Perez and Viki Odintkova



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