Meet New CamWithHer Model Mona Banks

Mona Banks has arrived at and done so in style. We have our model, Luna Lynn, to thank for bringing Mona into the CamWithHer family.  With long black hair, green eyes, and an angelic face, this fine Canadian will fit right in at CamWithHer.


If you want to send her dick pics you better think twice.  “I delete all of the dick pics I get, however, if you send me photos of cute animals I am likely to keep them”,  says one our new favorite Canadian hotties.  She is an animal lover.  In fact, when we first spoke with her on video chat, she wanted nothing more than to ogle the cuteness of each other’s dogs.  Mona has both a chihuahua and a Rottie that are the center of her world.

“In high school, I was a little bit rebellious,” says Mona. “I liked to skip class, and I think I did just about everything my mom asked me not to!” Her rebellious nature aside, she looks for cool, down-to-earth guys who appreciate her personality. “Be sensitive and respectful,” she says. “I’m funny and outgoing, and you should be too!”  She goes on to say that  “Humor is definitely the way to my heart. I’d rather be with a Seth Rogen type than a Brad Pitt any day!” On a first date, Mona loves to be wined and dined, and when it comes to the first kiss, she likes to play it coy. “Tongue or no tongue—that all depends on when and where,” she says with a wink. “I love attention from my man, but don’t smother me. I’m definitely a free spirit.”

We asked this adventurous and outdoorsy babe what we can expect from her on CamWithHer.    She simply said her hidden talent is as a chicken farmer – very good at raising cocks. Yup, we have a wild one on our hands.

If you like what you see in the gallery below, make sure to add Mona as a favorite by clicking the Add to Favorites link in her profile.

Mona Banks CamWithHer

Mona Banks Photos

Bonus Mona Banks Videos

Mona Banks showing off her cute side.

Mona Banks isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty.



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