Natasha Adams Cheers for the Dallas Cowboys

Natasha Adams certainly picked a great team to cheer for this year. The Dallas Cowboys are doing extremely well this season.  The regular season will be wrapping up in a few weeks and we expect that we will see the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.  If all of their fans looked as hot as Natasha, I am unsure whether the Cowboys would be distracted by her or inspired.  Natasha’s crazy fit body is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Natasha Adams Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

If you have seen our other posts with Natasha Adams, then you know just how much this hot blonde loves to please.  Her long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes give her an All-American look.  Add in those amazing “ass”ets and you have near perfection.  Check out the full and naughty video in Natasha’s fan club.  She has some amazing photos, videos and more there.  Most importantly, be sure to catch her on her live webcam.  Her Southern accent will draw your right into her world.

Natasha Adams

As for the Cowboys, we hope you guys know what sexy fans you have.  In addition to Natasha, there are thousands of sexy cowboys fans.  It seems there is a bit of a revival going on and old fans are returning and new fans are forming.  They have some tough teams to get by.  However, so far they are kicking ass and taking names.  Happy NFL Watching!



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