Natasha Adams Loves Auburn Football

Natasha Adams - Auburn Football Fan

Natasha Adams most definitely is an Auburn football fan.  If you have followed her on Instagram, then you have noticed more than a few photos of Natasha in her Auburn football gear.  Those photos (taken by Craig Hill Photography) in addition to her recent Snapchat takeover will leave you no doubt as to her loyalty.  This weekend in NCAA football was a shocker with losses taken by Alabama and Miami that shook up the current rankings.



Natasha recently took over the CamWithHer Snapchat.  While doing so, she was decked out in her Auburn outfit.  She tops it off with some extremely skimpy denim shorts.  Natasha’s rear end is certainly something that we are a fan of.  She also has that all-American girl vibe that suits her Southern accent perfectly.  You can see all of the photos and videos from Natasha’s recent Snapchat takeover inside CamWithHer Plus.  In addition to that takeover, you will find several others as well.  And let’s not forget all of the photos, videos, and member chat archives as well.

Sexy Auburn Football Fan



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