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Natasha Adams Premium Snapchat

Following Natasha Adams on Snapchat means you get to enter her private world.  This adventurous Southern Belle takes her Premium Snapchat users with her on her many travels.  She updates frequently no matter where she may be.  She does love to show off her naughty side from where ever she may be.  Natasha is not a shy girl by any means and loves to have fun in private and in public.  Check out what she told us about her Snapchat Account.

From Natasha:

I update my Premium Snapchat 25+ times a week. I try to share at least 4 days out of the week, but this will vary. Some days it will be a few through out the day, whereas other times it maybe a long story to seduce and tease and followers.

I share sexy snaps and videos I don’t want to share anywhere else, so I don’t allow screenshots. I DO, however, want my subscribers to certainly enjoy my sexy stories where I snap lots non-nude, implied and occasionally even some ultra personal nude snaps.

Natasha Adams Premium Snapchat

My Snapchat is a place I get to let my naughty and playful side out to share with my subscribers. I really like Snapchatting, because I get to share sexier things I wouldn’t normally share on regular social media. With it disappearing every 24 hours, it allows me to let my naughty side out in short videos and photos that I wouldn’t normally post! That means my friends on Snapchat get to dive into my sexy world! See what I wear laying around my house or when I’m dressing up! It is so much fun to share all the different types of outfits I wear throughout the day.

In addition to outfits, I also share super sexy locations on my Snapchat that aren’t always available in my cam shows! One place is my pool in my back yard. I have done shows here in the past, but I found it was so much easier to have my phone out by the pool instead of dragging my laptop out there! So you get really hot pool bikini or… sans bikini snaps by the pool! I also, live five minutes from the beach and I love getting my naughty side out in the sand and ocean so expect to see lots of that on my premium Snapchat! On top of those places, I like to snap often and share all sides of myself on there and hope to get to know my subscribers as well!

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