Naughty or Nice: Layla Lynn

Layla Lynn Christmas

Layla Lynn has such a sweet smile.  She looks slightly on the innocent side most times.  However, every now and then a sly mischievous smile sneaks out and reveals her naughty side.  Layla has a generous heart, especially when it comes to animals.  She is genuine and loving with fur babies.  She can also be ‘loving’ with her girlfriends as well.  We showed her some of her sexy Holiday photos with Gisele a few days ago.

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We asked this busty blonde whether or not she was going to make it to the nice list this year.  She took a moment and gave us a list of reasons she could end up on either list. We think she might make the nice list, but we hope it doesn’t last!  Check out Layla Lynn’s Fan Club for some really naughty stuff!

I am on the nice list for:
♥ caring for severely sick and neglected dog from the shelter (who I have been fostering for awhile now)
♥ helping out at dog adoption events
♥ speaking up for all the animals who are mistreated
… basically, I really like helping animals!

I am on the naughty list for:
(oh where do I start)
♥ Taking selfies in driveway completely naked
♥ Sneaking in hot cam shows while family is in town
♥ Having way too much fun with girls in the hot tub (would Santa really put me on the naughty list for that?!.. I am not sure)

Layla Lynn Christmas Photos




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