Photographer Spotlight: Ace of LA

Ace of LA

Ace of LA has made himself known among the elite photographers of today.  Inspired by the history and museums from his birth country of Mexico to the art and culture of Los Angeles, Albert Sanchez, also known as AceOfLA has spent his career bringing emotion to colorful life as artwork through still images.  His photos feature numerous models and celebrities, including our very own Evelyn Cates.

Some of Ace’s celebrity subjects include Larry King, Mike Tyson, Danny Trejo, Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Drake and numerous others.  His passion has lead to shoots from the inner city to the Mansions of Beverly Hills and can be seen in publications such as “XXL ,” “Urban ink,” and “Acclaim.”  Many of today’s most popular mainstream models and Instagram models have been the subject of his colorful photography.

Ace of LA Photographs



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