Stay Cozy With Maya Rae

Playboy Cybergirl

She may be only starting out as a model, but we think Maya Rae is going places. A natural blonde from Vancouver, Canada, Maya is a nutrition student with a serious passion for modeling. “I grew up on the West Coast, in a small town where everybody knows everybody,” says Maya. “I spent a year living in Sweden, and when I moved back to Canada, I fell hard for fitness! I’m really focused on my studies, and it’s only in the last year or so that I started modeling.”

When Playboy emailed Maya to see if she’d like to shoot for Playboy Plus, she could hardly believe her luck—after all, they see a lot of beautiful girls come through casting, but Maya’s something special and definitely stands out. “I grew up in a pretty religious home, so posing nude is really exciting for me,” says Maya. “I feel like I’m still a church girl at heart, but now I get to show off my bold side!” Amen to that.

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Totally one of a kind, Maya Rae is the perfect balance of funny, sexy, sweet and cute as she dances around on set, joking, and playfully twerking in between shots. “I’m known for my laugh and my smile. I know how to lighten the mood, and I’m hoping I can put a smile on your face, too,” she says to all her fans. Irresistibly curvaceous in the best way, Maya has an hourglass figure that will have your head spinning in no time.

Get a look at her small waist, plump hips, and even better ass, as she gets fully nude for the camera. Just like the rest of her body, Miss Rae’s gorgeous smile and sultry gaze will be the cherry on top to declare her your new dream girl. “As for my best qualities, I think I have nice lips — they’re really naturally full,” she says. If you’ve thought you’ve heard it all, you’re wrong — Maya also isn’t afraid to get a little spontaneous. I haven’t had sex in too many crazy places, though once I did it on the side of the highway!”



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