Raakel Richards is a Tall Exotic Beauty

Raakel Richards CamWithHer

At 5ft 9in, Raakel Richards easily commands your attention.  Her long legs and perfect body are a gift from the webcam Gods.  We are thrilled that Raakel has joined the CamWithHer family.  She has told us that she is eager to get to know her new fans here.  She has already proven to be quite well-liked and we expect she’ll soon be one of our busiest models here. Be sure to add her as a favorite from her profile to get notified when she signs on next!

From Raakel:

“Well, hello guys! I am a young girl that loves life and to enjoy every minute. My favorite season is autumn and that means I’m a romantic person even if you don’t see it at the first sight.
I love to watch movies and to go to the movies. I often go alone because I am the only one from my girlfriend’s group that adore Science Fiction movies.
What relaxes me besides a good massage is to drive and to listen to my favorite songs. I like to have time to myself.
I’m still looking for the one. I still dream about a love like in the movies, even if I was told that it doesn’t exist I continue to believe in that.  
My biggest dream is to travel all around the world. I find it so exciting, to meet new people, cultures, food and traditions, beautiful landscapes and sunny beaches with white sand. I traveled a bit, but I don’t want to stop here as I have so much more to see. I hope my next destination will be somewhere in South America.
 I am into extreme sports too, cannot wait to try to jump with the parachute in Dubai to see the Palm and to bungee jump  🙂 
I am not new to being a cam girl but can’t wait to be here on this site and to meet the users here 🙂 to seduce my mind and have my body.  Yes, I was told I seemed shy, but believe me, if you touch the right buttons I can be everything you want!”

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