Australian Surfer Babes the Coffey Sisters

The Coffey Sisters

The Coffey Sisters are the hottest sisters in surfing.  Ellie Coffey and Holly Coffey have been called “the Aussie Kardashians”.  Ellie Jean is the oldest Coffey sister at 22 years old.  Holly Sue is barely legal at 18.  There are even more Coffey Sisters that are as equally beautiful as Ellie and Coffee.  Ruby Lee Coffey and Bonnie Lou Coffey as well, but they aren’t known in the surfing world.  Ruby and Bonnie aren’t quite yet of age but we can clearly see they are on their way to being as popular as their big sisters.  Of course, there is big brother, Jackson, who is often the hunky bodyguard.

The family grew up in a caravan after their mother Kym broke her neck.  Following the accident, patriarch Jason decided the family needed a change and wanted to ensure he gave them ‘the best life they can have’.  So the Coffeys packed up their things and left Sydney, riding the waves around East Australia for more than 10 years while being homeschooled.  The family has since settled on the Gold Coast, and now the Coffeys are racking up sponsors – including Billabong – and signing up for representation with IMG Models.

Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze have their sights set on surfing at the elite Women’s Championship Tour.  ‘We love travelling the world and we’re very active on social media, but we really want to focus on qualifying and becoming that next level professional,’ Ellie-Jean said.  The eldest Coffey said she and Holly-Daze are hoping to qualify for the pro tour and plan to do all of the Six-Stars and main events this year.

Those Sexy Coffey Sisters



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