Thirsty Thursday Instagram Girls

Thirsty Thursday Instagram Girls

Thirsty Thursday is here and it’s our duty to assist the many thirsty girls of Instagram.  What does it mean to be ‘thirsty’?  Urban Dictionary defines it at “The need to gain fame and admiration through social media such as Instagram and the like by posting “selfie” pictures to boost the self-esteem. There are three degrees of culpability when it comes to the thirstiness of an individual“.  We would not be doing our job if we did not do our part to help these thirsty girls attain some of that attention.

Our very own CamWithHer Models also have some thirst that needs quenching.  Check out the Cam Feed for daily updates with some self shot hotties.  Our girls can take things up a notch from Instagram.  They’re not afraid to push the limits even more and make things even sexier for their fans.

Thirsty Thursday Girls



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