Vera Bambi Gets Madical for Halloween

Vera Bambi Halloween

Vera Bambi is a creative girl.  She has a little fun putting together this photo set for Halloween.  Since October is now here, prepare to be bombarded with some Halloween hotness.  Vera Bambi is just the girl to set the mood for the month.  Vera’s attention to detail in her costume and intricate makeup together provide an eyeful.  If there is anything Vera Baby knows, it is how to put together great costumes.  She is a popular cosplay model too.

>> Vera Bambi Nude <<

These images were taken long before Vera got her new boobs.  However, the full set inside does include the naughty bits (both top and bottom if you know what I mean!).  Aside from her tattoos, Vera has some strategically placed piercings as well.  With the ultra high-resolution images you can you easily enjoy every tiny detail of Vera’s costume.  You can also get a detailed view of other things as well.



Vera Bambi Halloween



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